Individual Coaching
Coaching helps you identify the life you want to live, formulate a plan to realize that vision, and transform obstacles into opportunities for growth. During one-on-one sessions, Randi assesses a client's medical history, food choices, personal habits and lifestyle to develop a plan to meet their goals. Sessions are available in person or over the phone.

Corporate Coaching
Randi provides customized wellness programs for corporations looking to reduce employee stress and absenteeism, promote teamwork, lower health care costs and maximize productivity. Her multimedia presentations offer leading edge guidance and strategies for integrating those guidelines into everyday life. More than 40 seminars are available in a variety of formats, including comprehensive health and nutrition programs, monthly seminars and "Lunch and Learn" groups.

Public Speaking
With a healthy dose of joy and insight, Randi brings her expertise to high schools and colleges, parenting groups, religious and civic organizations and senior centers.

Popular Corporate Coaching and Public Speaking topics include:

Nutrition 101: Basics and Beyond
The Food/Disease Connection
Beauty from the Inside Out
Live Better Longer
Sugar Blues: Deconstructing Cravings and Sweets Addictions

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